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How To Resolve "Internal Storage Full " & "Message Memory Full" Problems in Android Phone

Till last week my Galaxy Ace performance was good and I was so happy for buying it. Nowadays I am getting notification "INternal storage is full" and "message memory full". Even there is 6GB of free space in SD card. I deleted few apps which I am not using at all. Ofcourse the internal storage full message is disappeared.

"Internal Storage is full" Solution:
This message comes when you install many apps phones internal memory. When you download apps from market by default all the apps will be installed in internal memory of the phone. So we need a tool to move these apps to SD card. I trie dwith Apps2SD tool, but its not moving all the apps to SD card. Atlast I found an useful tool i.e.Gemini App Manager

Download the Gemini App Manager from android market and try, you can move all the apps including Facebook to SD card. This is powerful tool to move apps from phones memory to SD card..

"Message memory full" Solution:
This problem is due to Google apps updates. Google Maps occupies more 10MB of space in phones internal memory. Not only Google Maps, there may be some more apps too can occupy 10MB. In my case it was Google Maps. Just I uninstall Google Maps updates, then my phone got rid off this problem. You need to uninstall apps that occupy more than 10MB.

Definitely the abobe tips help you to resolve memory isues in your android phone.

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